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How to Build an App in 10 Minutes

Who has never dreamed of being a programmer? I know I did! That is why I have become a programmer when I was rich enough to buy myself a PC. Actually, it all started with my Sinclair Spectrum computer, which was packing an impressive 16KB memory module, if I remember it right. Things moved on quite fast, though, and these days...

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Microsoft Releases Visual Studio 2017

I have mixed feelings about Microsoft. I like most of the things they've done under their new leadership, but I think that they can do even better, at least in some areas.
Take Visual Studio Professional, for example. It's an excellent IDE, but I had to purchase each and every new version, to get access...

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Samsung is Launching a Wi-Fi Mesh System

I know, you've got a modern Wi-Fi router in your home, and yet it doesn't work that well. Actually, it works OK when you are close to it, but signal strength decreases the moment you've moved in the next room. This shouldn't surprise anyone, after all. After one of its recent surveys, Data Alliance has revealed that...

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